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We are excited to welcome you to our new blog. For those who may not know, The Blue Door Theatre is a nonprofit theatre located in the Garland District of Spokane, WA. Our official mission states we are dedicated to the advancement of improvisation and the performing arts through innovative entertainment and education. Yet, we go deeper than the official statement. We believe that through our work, whether performance or education, we spark imaginations, spread a little joy, and bring people together into a community of laughter and fun.


Why "The Blue Door"?


We often get asked why we are called The Blue Door Theatre. The not so fun answer is that at the beginning we had a few different names before settling on the Blue Door because the door to the original theatre was blue. I told you it was not fun but what if we swing our door open a little wider.


Maybe the door symbolizes a portal into an extraordinary world where imagination thrives and entertainment abounds. It is a world where you are part of the story creation through your suggestions. Since every story is based on audience suggestions, there exists an infinite number of possibilities for where the story goes. When you walk through the door, you can embrace the unknown, trust your instincts, and help craft a unique experience for the cast and audience.


That same door may also be a portal into our new Spokane School of Improv that opened in January 2023, where learning is not confined to lectures. You find yourself in a space where learning is rooted in experience, joy, and trust. It is a place where the school is committed to co-creating a creative community rooted in play, empowerment, and collaborative learning through the offering of a diverse range of classes, workshops, and applied improv programs. 

Or maybe I have watched too many science fiction films lately which made me write about a portal that takes you into new worlds or dimensions. Well, I just watched The Portable Door and the door is blue and a portal so I am not that far off about our door and new worlds and dimensions.


Whatever the case is, we are here to provide entertainment and education unlike anything else in Spokane.


What to Expect from Our Blog


This blog is our first effort at doing one. The first few posts will probably be reposts of articles we published on Linked In. Besides those blogs, this space will be opened up to different authors from the BDT and a variety of topics. We may provide behind-scenes reporting giving you a peek into our improv world. We will take you behind the curtain, sharing stories, anecdotes, and great, or not such great, things happening on and off stage.


We may provide improv tricks and tips along with a spotlight on our players. We will talk about our involvement with our different community outreach and events. You will learn how we are making a difference in our region. You might even meet some of our audience members and students to hear their stories. and about the connections we have made over the years.


Join the Improv Revolution


We invite you to be part of our continuing journey. We started in 1996 and expect to be around a long time. Join us on our travels, follow our blog, and open doors to new dimensions of laughter (OK, I did it again). Improv is everywhere lately, and we want to make improv part of everyday life in our region.

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