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All donation amounts help. Donate a custom amount or at one of the suggested levels. You can also donate anonymously if you do not want to be publicly recognized for your gift. If you have questions, would like to name a room, or would like to give more than $5,000, contact Jim Mohr.

Improv Enthusiast

  • Public thank you on our social media platforms

  • Improv(e) Your Life Sticker

  • Name on BDTv for one month

  • Name on a plaque in the theatre


Show Sponsor/ Laugh Ambassador

  • All previous benefits

  • 6 free tickets

  • Name sent out in email announcements

  • Name on BDTv/website for 9 months

  • BDT tote bag

  • 25% off one School of Improv course


Comedy Contributor

  • All previous benefits

  • 2 free tickets

  • Name on BDTv for 2 months



  • All previous benefits

  • 8 free tickets

  • Name/Logo on BDTv/website for one year

  • 50% off one school of improv course


Laugh Advocate

  • All previous benefits

  • 4 free tickets

  • Name on BDTv for six months

  • Name listed on our website for six months

  • Invite to virtual improv game night with performers


Laugh Storyteller

  • All previous benefits

  • 10 free tickets

  • One free workshop for up to 15 people

  • Individual slide listed on BDTv for one year

  • Name/Logo and link on website for one year

  • Lobby space for flyers for one year

Hear Our Voices

Want to know more about the Blue Door Theatre and the Spokane School of Improv? 

On our Voices page, listen to what students, faculty, players, and volunteers have to say about why our work is important and impactful.

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