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The BDT Team

The Blue Door Theatre is a non-profit 501(c)3 arts organization. We are dedicated to the advancement of improvisation and the performing arts through innovative entertainment and education.
Board of Directors​
          Jim Mohr
Vice President
         Danielle Burris


  Vicky Queal


  Joshua Scheel

Board Members

  Caleb Strine

  Clarissa Bundy

  Crystal Murray Weston

  Grace Leaf

  Heather Tillery

  Lars Gilberts

  Michael Winser

  Phil Lindsey


BDT Artistic Team:

Artistic Director

 Frank Tano

Assistant Artistic Directors

Liz Schroeder

Clarissa Bundy

Technical Director

Alex Kwamina     

BDT Business Team:

Spokane School of Improv

        Michael Glatzmaier

Theatre Opreations Director

        Crystal Murray Weston

Corporate Training Director

         Grace Leaf

Marketing Director


Reservations Coordinator

Joan Concilio

Sign-up Genius Coordinator

Laura Fry

Social Media Coordinator

 Laura Fry

Media Manager and Photographer

Joshua Scheel

Art Curator

Annica Eagle

Facilities Manager

Clarissa Bundy

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