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MAY 17-18, $50 all shows

We're hosting!

Join us for 20 improv performances across 6 shows and 2 nights, including groups from Seattle, Portland, Chicago, LA & more! Join us Saturday for back-to-back improv workshops taught by performers.

Don't miss the early bird sale! (ends May 1st)



Improv League All-City Showcase

Join us May 22nd at 7:00pm at Rogers High School for an unforgettable evening filled with laughter! Featuring performances by Rogers, Ferris, and Mt Spokane High School, as well as a performance by The Blue Door Theatre Improv League instructors.

Current Shows

Poets Up!

April 12 - 26

Poets Up!

We invite talented poets to craft original works inspired by the improvisers' scene work, while our improvisers create scenes based on the themes and emotions conveyed in the poems.




A series of game-based scenes, fueled by the untamed power of audience suggestions. Mature audiences only.



Remodeling continues

In order to fully utilize our new space, the city has asked (required) us to make some changes, costing around $30,000.

With your support, we'll soon be able to seat larger audiences, add more shows and courses, and showcase more of our amazing local artists and theaters.

Hear the song!

So what exactly
is improv?

Improv is a style of live unscripted performance where everything is created on the spot. Usually, the result is something hilarious, and unendingly entertaining. 
Check out the Spokane School of Improv
for our current and upcoming classes and camps
for kids, teens, and adults.
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